etcd 2.1.0-alpha benchmarks

Physical machines

GCE n1-highcpu-2 machine type

  • 1x dedicated local SSD mounted under /var/lib/etcd
  • 1x dedicated slow disk for the OS
  • 1.8 GB memory
  • 2x CPUs
  • etcd version 2.1.0 alpha

etcd Cluster

3 etcd members, each runs on a single machine


Bootstrap another machine and use the boom HTTP benchmark tool to send requests to each etcd member. Check the benchmark hacking guide for detailed instructions.


reading one single key

key size in bytesnumber of clientstarget etcd serverread QPS90th Percentile Latency (ms)
641leader only15340.7
6464leader only101259.1
64256leader only1389227.1
2561leader only15300.8
25664leader only1010610.1
256256leader only1466727.0
6464all servers242003.9
64256all servers3330011.8
25664all servers248003.9
256256all servers3300011.5

writing one single key

key size in bytesnumber of clientstarget etcd serverwrite QPS90th Percentile Latency (ms)
641leader only6021.4
6464leader only174246.8
64256leader only398290.5
2561leader only5820.3
25664leader only177047.8
256256leader only4157105.3
6464all servers1028123.4
64256all servers3260123.8
25664all servers1033121.5
256256all servers3061119.3

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