Libraries and tools



  • etcdctl - A command line client for etcd
  • etcd-backup - A powerful command line utility for dumping/restoring etcd - Supports v2
  • etcd-dump - Command line utility for dumping/restoring etcd.
  • etcd-fs - FUSE filesystem for etcd
  • etcddir - Realtime sync etcd and local directory. Work with windows and linux.
  • etcd-browser - A web-based key/value editor for etcd using AngularJS
  • etcd-lock - Master election & distributed r/w lock implementation using etcd - Supports v2
  • etcd-console - A web-base key/value editor for etcd using PHP
  • etcd-viewer - An etcd key-value store editor/viewer written in Java
  • etcdtool - Export/Import/Edit etcd directory as JSON/YAML/TOML and Validate directory using JSON schema
  • etcd-rest - Create generic REST API in Go using etcd as a backend with validation using JSON schema
  • etcdsh - A command line client with support of command history and tab completion. Supports v2
  • etcdloadtest - A command line load test client for etcd version 3.0 and above.

Go libraries

  • etcd/clientv3 - the officially maintained Go client for v3
  • etcd/client - the officially maintained Go client for v2
  • go-etcd - the deprecated official client. May be useful for older (<2.0.0) versions of etcd.

Java libraries

Scala libraries

Python libraries

Node libraries

Ruby libraries

C libraries

C++ libraries - edwardcapriolo/etcdcpp - Supports v2 - suryanathan/etcdcpp - Supports v2 (with waits) - nokia/etcd-cpp-api - Supports v2 - nokia/etcd-cpp-apiv3 - Supports v3

Clojure libraries

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