Libraries and tools




  • etcdctl - A command line client for etcd
  • etcd-backup - A powerful command line utility for dumping/restoring etcd - Supports v2
  • etcd-dump - Command line utility for dumping/restoring etcd.
  • etcd-fs - FUSE filesystem for etcd
  • etcddir - Realtime sync etcd and local directory. Work with windows and linux.
  • etcd-browser - A web-based key/value editor for etcd using AngularJS
  • etcd-lock - Master election & distributed r/w lock implementation using etcd - Supports v2
  • etcd-console - A web-base key/value editor for etcd using PHP
  • etcd-viewer - An etcd key-value store editor/viewer written in Java
  • etcdtool - Export/Import/Edit etcd directory as JSON/YAML/TOML and Validate directory using JSON schema
  • etcd-rest - Create generic REST API in Go using etcd as a backend with validation using JSON schema
  • etcdsh - A command line client with support of command history and tab completion. Supports v2
  • etcdloadtest - A command line load test client for etcd version 3.0 and above.
  • lucas - A web-based key-value viewer for kubernetes etcd3.0+ cluster.

Go libraries

  • etcd/clientv3 - the officially maintained Go client for v3
  • etcd/client - the officially maintained Go client for v2
  • go-etcd - the deprecated official client. May be useful for older (<2.0.0) versions of etcd.
  • encWrapper - encWrapper is an encryption wrapper for the etcd client Keys API/KV.

Java libraries

Scala libraries

Perl libraries

Python libraries

Node libraries

Ruby libraries

C libraries

C++ libraries - edwardcapriolo/etcdcpp - Supports v2 - suryanathan/etcdcpp - Supports v2 (with waits) - nokia/etcd-cpp-api - Supports v2 - nokia/etcd-cpp-apiv3 - Supports v3

Clojure libraries

Erlang libraries

.Net Libraries

PHP Libraries

Haskell libraries

R libraries

Nim libraries

Tcl libraries

Rust libraries

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Chef Integration

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BOSH Releases

Projects using etcd - etcd Raft users - projects using etcd’s raft library implementation. - apache/celix - an implementation of the OSGi specification adapted to C and C++ - binocarlos/yoda - etcd + ZeroMQ - blox/blox - a collection of open source projects for container management and orchestration with AWS ECS - calavera/active-proxy - HTTP Proxy configured with etcd - chain/chain - software designed to operate and connect to highly scalable permissioned blockchain networks - derekchiang/etcdplus - A set of distributed synchronization primitives built upon etcd - go-discover - service discovery in Go - gleicon/goreman - Branch of the Go Foreman clone with etcd support - garethr/hiera-etcd - Puppet hiera backend using etcd - mattn/etcd-vim - SET and GET keys from inside vim - mattn/etcdenv - “env” shebang with etcd integration - kelseyhightower/confd - Manage local app config files using templates and data from etcd - configdb - A REST relational abstraction on top of arbitrary database backends, aimed at storing configs and inventories. - kubernetes/kubernetes - Container cluster manager introduced by Google. - mailgun/vulcand - HTTP proxy that uses etcd as a configuration backend. - duedil-ltd/discodns - Simple DNS nameserver using etcd as a database for names and records. - skynetservices/skydns - RFC compliant DNS server - xordataexchange/crypt - Securely store values in etcd using GPG encryption - spf13/viper - Go configuration library, reads values from ENV, pflags, files, and etcd with optional encryption - lytics/metafora - Go distributed task library - ryandoyle/nss-etcd - A GNU libc NSS module for resolving names from etcd. - Gru - Orchestration made easy with Go - Vitess - Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL. - lclarkmichalek/etcdhcp - DHCP server that uses etcd for persistence and coordination. - openstack/networking-vpp - A networking driver that programs the VPP dataplane to provide OpenStack cloud virtual networking - OpenStack - OpenStack services can rely on etcd as a base service. - CoreDNS - CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins, part of CNCF and Kubernetes - Uber M3 - M3: Uber’s Open Source, Large-scale Metrics Platform for Prometheus - Rook - Storage Orchestration for Kubernetes - Patroni - A template for PostgreSQL High Availability with ZooKeeper, etcd, or Consul - Trillian - Trillian implements a Merkle tree whose contents are served from a data storage layer, to allow scalability to extremely large trees.