Instructions for installing etcd from pre-built binaries or from source.


Before installing etcd, see the following pages:

Install pre-built binaries

The easiest way to install etcd is from pre-built binaries:

  1. Download the compressed archive file for your platform from Releases, choosing release v3.4.33 or later.

  2. Unpack the archive file. This results in a directory containing the binaries.

  3. Add the executable binaries to your path. For example, rename and/or move the binaries to a directory in your path (like /usr/local/bin), or add the directory created by the previous step to your path.

  4. From a shell, test that etcd is in your path:

    $ etcd --version
    etcd Version: 3.4.33

Build from source

If you have Go version 1.2+, you can build etcd from source by following these steps:

  1. Download the etcd repo as a zip file and unzip it, or clone the repo using the following command.

    $ git clone -b v3.4.33

    To build from main@HEAD, omit the -b v3.4.33 flag.

  2. Change directory:

    $ cd etcd
  3. Run the build script:

    $ ./build

    The binaries are under the bin directory.

  4. Add the full path to the bin directory to your path, for example:

    $ export PATH="$PATH:`pwd`/bin"
  5. Test that etcd is in your path:

    $ etcd --version

Installation check

For a slightly more involved sanity check of your installation, see Quickstart.