Operations guide

etcd installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting guides

Configuration options

etcd configuration: files, flags, and environment variables

Role-based access control

A basic authentication and role-based access control guide

Transport security model

Securing data in transit

Clustering Guide

Bootstrapping an etcd cluster: Static, etcd Discovery, and DNS Discovery

Run etcd clusters inside containers

Running etcd with rkt and Docker using static bootstrapping

Failure modes

Kinds of failures and etcd’s tolerance for them

Disaster recovery

etcd v3 snapshot & restore facilities

etcd gateway

etcd gateway, when to use it, and how to set it up

gRPC proxy

A stateless etcd reverse proxy operating at the gRPC layer

Hardware recommendations

Hardware guidelines for administering etcd clusters


Periodic etcd cluster maintenance guide


Understanding performance: latency & throughput

Design of runtime reconfiguration

The design of etcd’s runtime reconfiguration commands

Runtime reconfiguration

etcd incremental runtime reconfiguration support

Supported platforms

etcd support status for common architectures & operating systems

Migrate applications from using API v2 to API v3

A guide for migrating from API v2 to API v3


Versioning support by etcd

Data Corruption

etcd data corruption and recovery

Monitoring etcd

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