PR management


Speed up PR management.

The etcd PRs are listed at A PR can have various labels, milestone, reviewer etc. The detailed list of labels can be found at

Following are few example searches on PR for convenience:


These guidelines serves as a primary document for managing PRs in etcd. Everyone is welcome to help manage PRs but the work and responsibilities discussed in this document is created with etcd maintainers and active contributors in mind.

Handle inactive PRs

Poke PR owner if review comments are not addressed in 15 days. If PR owner does not reply in 90 days, update the PR with a new commit if possible. If not, inactive PR should be closed after 180 days.

Poke reviewer if needed

Reviewers are responsive in a timely fashion, but considering everyone is busy, give them some time after requesting review if quick response is not provided. If response is not provided in 10 days, feel free to contact them via adding a comment in the PR or sending an email or message on the Slack.

Verify important labels are in place

Make sure that appropriate reviewers are added to the PR. Also, make sure that a milestone is identified. If any of these or other important labels are missing, add them. If a correct label cannot be decided, leave a comment for the maintainers to do so as needed.