Guide to authenticating an etcd cluster

auth,user,role for authentication:

export ETCDCTL_API=3

etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} role add root
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} role get root

etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} user add root
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} user grant-role root root
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} user get root

etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} role add role0
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} role grant-permission role0 readwrite foo
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} user add user0
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} user grant-role user0 role0

etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} auth enable
# now all client requests go through auth

etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} --user=user0:123 put foo bar
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} get foo
# permission denied, user name is empty because the request does not issue an authentication request
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} --user=user0:123 get foo
# user0 can read the key foo
etcdctl --endpoints=${ENDPOINTS} --user=user0:123 get foo1


This is just a stub which needs to be filled and updated with more information on authentication. The text above is just a code example.

Last modified February 28, 2022: Create doc branch for v3.6 (9ed5c74)