Supported platforms

etcd support for common architectures & operating systems

Support tiers

etcd runs on different platforms, but the guarantees it provides depends on a platform’s support tier:

  • Tier 1: fully supported by etcd maintainers; etcd is guaranteed to pass all tests including functional and robustness tests.
  • Tier 2: etcd is guaranteed to pass integration and end-to-end tests but not necessarily functional or robustness tests.
  • Tier 3: etcd is guaranteed to build, may be lightly tested (or not), and so it should be considered unstable.

Current support

The following table lists currently supported platforms and their corresponding etcd support tier:

ArchitectureOperating systemSupport tierMaintainers
AMD64Linux1etcd maintainers
ARM64Linux1etcd maintainers

Unlisted platforms are unsupported.

Supporting a new platform

Want to contribute to etcd as the “official” maintainer of a new platform? In addition to committing to support the platform, you must setup etcd continuous integration (CI) satisfying the following requirements, depending on the support tier:

etcd continuous integrationTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Build passes
Unit tests pass
Integration and end-to-end tests pass
Robustness tests pass

For an example of setting up tier-2 CI for ARM64, see etcd PR #12928.

Unsupported platforms

To avoid inadvertently running an etcd server on an unsupported platform, etcd prints a warning message and exits immediately unless the environment variable ETCD_UNSUPPORTED_ARCH is set to the target architecture.

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