Get etcd up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Follow these instructions to locally install, run, and test a single-member cluster of etcd:

  1. Install etcd from pre-built binaries or from source. For details, see Install.

  2. Launch etcd:

    $ etcd
    {"level":"info","ts":"2021-09-17T09:19:32.783-0400","caller":"etcdmain/etcd.go:72","msg":... }
  3. From another terminal, use etcdctl to set a key:

    $ etcdctl put greeting "Hello, etcd"
  4. From the same terminal, retrieve the key:

    $ etcdctl get greeting
    Hello, etcd

What’s next?

Learn about more ways to configure and use etcd from the following pages:

Last modified February 28, 2022: Create doc branch for v3.6 (9ed5c74)