How to Set Up a Demo etcd Cluster

Guide to setting up a cluster in etcd

Reading from etcd

Reading a value in an etcd cluster

Writing to etcd

Adding a KV pair to an etcd cluster

How to get keys by prefix

Guide to extracting etcd keys by their prefix

How to delete keys

Describes a way to delete etcd keys

How to make multiple writes in a transaction

Guide to making transactional writes

How to watch keys

Guide to watching etcd keys

How to create lease

Guide to creating a lease in etcd

How to create locks

Guide to creating distributed locks in etcd

How to conduct leader election in etcd cluster

Guide to conducting leader election in an etcd cluster

How to check Cluster status

Guide to checking etcd cluster status

How to save the database

Guide to taking a snapshot of the etcd database

How to migrate etcd from v2 to v3

etcd v2 to v3 migration guide

How to Add and Remove Members

Guide to dealing with membership in etcd cluster

Last modified February 28, 2022: Create doc branch for v3.6 (9ed5c74)